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Application Areas

  • Radio Signal Propogation and Processing
  • Radio Network Management and Systems Innovations

Quick Pitch

Exploit periodically obtained location information about users at a base-station to predict and initiate preemptive system procedures.


The rapid growth in the number of smart-phones and accompanying wireless services is driving users ever-increasing demand for more data (particularly video) and shorter data-delivery times. From a systems standpoint, this has led to the development of Increasing Data Requirements (IDR). To date, wireless systems have tried to support IDR by evolving more efficient wireless communication technologies (e.g., GSM, WCDMA, HSDPA, LTE, LTE-advanced). In this proposal, we will instead address the issue of supporting IDR by leveraging a rich source of side information that can readily be made available to system designers: location. Current mobile devices are capable of transmitting and/or receiving data via a variety of wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM/WCDMA/LTE, and GPS. We propose building upon the integration of one or more of these technologies to expose huge opportunities in wireless system design to support IDR. Stated succinctly, we propose the following:

"Exploit periodically obtained location information about mobile terminals at a base-station to predict performance and initiate system optimization actions, such as preemptive handoffs in urban-canyon environments and cell-breathing."

Technical Proposal

Personal Statement

We are 5th-(final) year doctoral students at The Ohio State University, majoring in different areas of Wireless Communications such as Wireless Networking, Physical Layer System Optimization, and Signal Processing. Over the years during our PhDs, we have learnt a lot about the challenges that the research community is trying to address in various aspects of wireless communications. Further, our interactions with industry (via interenships and collaborations) have exposed us to the challenges that the wireless industry is addressing. This is our attempt to use our mixed expertise in different aspects of wireless communication, and use Interdigital Innocation Challenge as a forum to address the future needs of wireless industry. The fact that we are doctoral students working in wireless communications, coupled with our internship experience in different companies and research labs makes us well-suited to pursue solutions towards current wireless-communications problems.


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