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Application Areas

  • Radio Signal Propogation and Processing
  • Radio Network Management and Systems Innovations
  • Radio Modem Innovations

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This project aims at providing a ubiquitous solution for user identification and authentication through a novel 'wireless' communication technique called capacitive touchscreen communication. This method exploits the pervasive capacitive touchscreens in electronic devices such as laptops, phones, etc., as a receiver for decoding identification and authentication information transmitted from custom designed human wearable hardware tokens. Motivated by the signet rings1 from ancient times, we propose a ring design for the hardware token. In conjunction with touchscreen receivers this ring serves as a user identification token that would be diversely compatible with a myriad of applications, such as user authentication for login, gaming, parental control, near-field communication (NFC)applications, etc. The ring will also serve as a single token or 'key' that would provide a unified access to multiple devices belonging to the user. In its totality, the goal of this project is to provide 'One Ring to Rule Them All' functionality where a single ring would grant user access to multiple applications across multiple touchscreen devices. We view this as a key enabling technology for emerging mobile devices and mobile applications because of the critical importance of user identification and authentication.

Technical Proposal

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Personal Statement

The project will be a joint effort by Tam Vu, forth year PhD candidate from Department of Computer Science and Ashwin Ashok, forth year PhD candidate from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University. Tam is currently leading the student effort in Signet Ring project involving design, prototyping, performance evaluation, and end-user application trials. In particular his experience in wireless communication, network dynamics and protocol design, and hardware design will guide in shaping the overall design, communication protocol and implementation for the novel form of wireless communication, touch communication. Ashwin has theoretical as well as hands-on experience in the area of communication channel modeling, analysis and simulations. He is currently working on a system level implementation of a LCD screen to camera wireless communication.


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    Demo video is available on Youtube: n, n--Tam

  • Tam VuApril 23, 2012 at 1:27pm

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    man keep it up!

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    i hope you win

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