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2012-03-30 12:17:40SpecObs

Application Areas

  • Radio Network Management and Systems Innovations
  • Radio Modem Innovations

Quick Pitch

An intelligent solution for mapping available wireless spectrum to be used by cognitive radio networks.


We propose a new approach in allocating spectrum to wireless devices using intelligent processing and aggregation of data from multiple sources. By employing a combination of historical data, real-time measurements, public records, crowdsourcing, and feedback from cognitive radio devices, we aim to create an accurate map of available spectrum for wireless networks employing dynamic spectrum access. Ultimately, a successful solution to the problem would lead to increased network access and throughput in the face of increasing demand for wireless data.

Technical Proposal

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Personal Statement

As a team, we collectively possess the skills needed to develop our solution for start to finish. The members of this project have been working on various aspects of sensing, cognitive radio, software defined radio, and interference classification over the past 2 years. Our previous experience implementing many of the techniques mentioned in our proposal and synergies that allow us to rapidly implement or re-purpose our previous work for this proposal give us an advantage in bring our idea to fruition.

Furthermore, we have a deep understanding of industry needs motivating our solutions. As such, we understand the often diverging interests of users of our system and will aim to balance technical merit with the pragmatic concerns required for commercial success.


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